Selasa, 06 September 2011

DJ Dress Important For DJ Promotion

Being a DJ is now a professional career opportunity

that many music lovers are choosing to embark upon. However having a plethora of vinyls or a serious computer full of downloadable tracks is not really enough anymore. You need to have the right equipment and the overall look in order to woo your audience.
DJing is no longer just about the music. Now being a DJ is all about performance and therefore it is important that the DJ delivers the total package.
The total packaging includes the music, lighting, sound effects, lively banter, other effects such as bubbles and smoke, and of course the DJ must present it all in a manner which matches his or her music style.
But what does this mean exactly? It really is very simple.
All it means is that the DJ should endeavor to create a look that matches the genre of music and the style of performance that they intend to deliver to the audience at a particular event.
For a DJ who plays acid or house music in a club, the DJ should naturally be dressed in hip clothes the audience would be likely to buy.
As a Club DJ, you don't have to wear stylish sunglasses or have gelled hair but you do want to present a slick, sexy image that the audience (women!) will admire.

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