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How to Become a DJ – Practice Makes Perfect!

A generalized question I seem to be getting a lot of emails about is:
What things do I need to consider and what exactly do I need to do to become a successful DJ?
So here goes… Once you make that vital decision and commitment to yourself to become a DJ the best place to start if and where possible is to find somewhere you can have a play around with some DJ equipment, to give you a better feel of what you are about to take on.
Once you have had a play around and are still motivated to becoming a DJ it is then time to start putting together a collection of the music you are planning to play straight away, after all the more music options you have when practicing or when playing the better!
Then it is time to purchase some equipment – the best way to go about this is to ask around, everyone has different opinions on equipment having said that though there are a number of industry standards when it comes to DJ equipment, things like the Pioneer CDJ’s and the Technics turntables but this doesn’t mean you can’t learn on something else and progress as you can afford to upgrade.
How to Become a DJ – Critical Step
Then possibly the most critical step of all is understanding the importance of surrounding yourself with mentors and like minded people to help guide and fast track your success to become a DJ. My goal here at DJ Master Course is to be your first port of call for that mentor roll.  I know firsthand how hard it is to get valued time of a working DJ, if they aren’t sleeping they are generally still partying!
How to Become a DJ – Number One Obstacle
The number one obstacle aspiring DJ’s have is a lack of patience and correct advice. Over the years I have seen too many “want to be” DJ’s purchase equipment, practice hard for a couple of months only to give up. Why do they give up? Because when they were practicing they were messing around, they had no clear direction and as a result became bored due to the lack of progress…
I find DJing very easy but only because I put so much time into practicing – I can’t stress enough that practice makes perfect.
A lot of people starting out find the whole task daunting and give up way too easy, if this is you I urge you please don’t give up – the rewards are well worth the effort!
Dave Seaman Tip:
dave seaman1 How to Become a DJ   Practice Makes Perfect!
“Practice makes perfect, really. It’s like learning to drive. First you practice DJing in your room, but when you get out on the road it’s a whole different thing. Being able to do it in front of a huge group of people is like a whole new world. Getting over that initial fear of people being there. A lot of times it’s being able to relax and get into it, really. A lot of DJing is about being comfortable.”
How to become a DJ – Have Clear Direction
The best way to push through the hurdles you are going to face as you move towards becoming a successful DJ is to have a clear direction and a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve.
There is no quick magical system to become a DJ – the quickest way bizarrely enough is what seems like the slow option in the beginning – you need to take a couple of deep breaths and a few steps back and put the time into learning the fundamentals and theory of the task you are trying to master.  I assure you that if you have the patience and understanding of the importance to do so you will fly past the students messing around with no clear direction or understanding in no time!
Once you understand the fundamentals of what you are trying to achieve then it’s time to start some structured step-by-step training, this way you can be certain the time you are putting into your practicing is going to be time well spent and deliver the quickest and best results.
Whatever you do practice relentlessly and be prepared to do whatever it takes. When it comes to learning how to become a DJ slow and steady will not only finish the race but it will win the race!
Practice makes perfect!
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 How to Become a DJ   Practice Makes Perfect!

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